Information sheet on the Asian hornet "Vespa velutina"

The Asian hornet, also known as the yellow-legged hornet (Vespa velutina), is native to Southeast Asia. From France in 2005 it arrived in Belgium, Spain and Portugal. In 2012, it was reported in the Italian city of Loano (Savona Province) and in 2013 in the entire Liguria Region and Piedmont. Its fast spread is due to the passive transport of hibernating queen wasps.

2018 catalogue of mono-variety olive oils from the 15^ National Review of mono-variety olive oils

Free available on-line version + download (Italian version),

2018 edition of the guide to the Italian mono-variety olive oils, from the 15^ Review of mono-variety olive oils

The Guide, published by the New Business Media, contains reports on all Italian mono-variety olive oils admitted to the 15^ Review of mono-variety olive oils, organized by ASSAM and the Marche Region to characterize and enhance the Italian olive oil biodiversity.

A special session on the Marche Region PGI (protected geographical indication) oils is also included.

Agricultural biodiversity in the Marche Region (2017 ed.)

The special identity of each territory is made of its unique wealth:

  • The local varieties or species, characterized by a certain adaptability to a specific environment and growing conditions in a particular area;
  • The tight link between the local variety and its growers’ habits, customs, traditions and knowledge;
  • The “guardian farmers”’ important role for the preservation, management, information and dissemination of the autochthonous genetic inheritance.

The updated 2017 edition of the Regional Directory of Agricultural biodiversity L.R. 12/2003

Long life the school gardens to get dirty - Evviva l’Orto che ci fa sporcare! AgroBiodiversity of Marche Region at school

For the last 20 years, the Marche Region has been committed to create and preserve School Gardens and has acquired outstanding expertise to support the consolidation of a real outdoor educational culture within the school system.
During this period the first early calls for funding had been applied, so that over 1000 school horticulture projects are already activate.
This publication represents an additional forward step in this direction. It provides all schools of the Marche Region with guidelines to make each education school plan compliant with the general trend of outdoor teaching and create a proper regional format. In this regard, particular attention was paid in steering the “School Gardens” towards organic farming and the protection of the species and varieties belonging to the Regional Register of AgroBiodiversity.

Cereals experimental trials 2014-2016




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